Paard Riding Club

paard riding clubではどさんこやフランスのカマルグホース、オランダのフリージアンホース、
レッスンの初めはいつもお手入れから始まります。 乗る前のお手入れや馬装をご自身で行うことで、
paard riding clubでは、ただ乗るだけでは分からない馬の気持ちを感じ、素直に向き合う時間をご用意します。

Varieties of horses such as thoroughbred, Friesian, Camargue, and Hokkaido Dosanko are available at Paard Ridng Club. Every single one of them has their unique personality and appearance.

Same as the horses, everyone of us also have our own unique character, experience and body. The lesson gives us chances to meet horses that may suit your personality the best.

The lesson start with daily caring for the horses. Through brushing and tacking up the horse, rider can feel and discover many things about the horse such as its emotion, health condition, temper, or any wound observable.

“Talks” and communication will just happen during the process of knowing each other between you and the horse you are going to ride.

You will gain something more than just a ride at Paard Riding Club as we provide you with direct chances to feel the mood and connect with the horses.


※The following prices is excludes the tax.


  • 騎乗料:2万円
  • 騎乗回数:4回
  • 騎乗時間:30分

<Riding Course>

  • Riding fee: 20,000 JPY
  • Riding fee: 4 sessions
  • Length of riding session: 30 min


  • 対象者:高校生以上
  • 入会金:15万円
  • 月会費:10,000円
  • 騎乗料:3000円(平日)3500円(土日祝)
  • レッスン料:1000円
  • 騎乗時間:40分

<Adult Member>

  • Eligibility: high school student or above
  • Admission fee: 150,000JPY
  • Monthly charge: 3000JPY
  • Riding fee: 2,000JPY (week day) 2,500JPY (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
  • Lesson fee: 1,000JPY
  • Length of riding session: 40min


  • 対象者:小学3年生~中学3年生
  • 入会金:7万5000円
  • 月会費:3000円
  • 騎乗料:2500円(レッスン料込み、平日・土日祝)
  • 騎乗時間:40分

<Junior Member>

  • Eligibility: Primary school grade 3 to secondary school grade 3 student
  • Admission Fee: 75,000JPY
  • Monthly charge: 3,000JPY
  • Riding fee: 2,500 JPY (Lesson fee included, all days)
  • Length of riding session: 40 min


  • 対象者:2年生以下
  • 入会金:3万円
  • 月会費:3000円
  • 騎乗料:1000円(レッスン料込み、土日祝のみ)

<Pony Club>

  • Eligibility: Primary school grade 2 or below
  • Admission fee: 30,000JPY
  • Monthly charge: 3,000JPY
  • Riding fee: 1,000JPY (Lesson fee included, available only on Sat, Sun & Holidays)


  • ヘルメット:500円
  • ブーツ:500円
  • チャップス:500円
  • プロテクター:500円
  • ヘルメット・ブーツ・チャップス3点セット1000円
  • サンダル、ハイヒール不可

<Rental fee of riding goods>

  • Helmet: 500 JPY
  • Boots: 500 JPY
  • Chaps: 500 JPY
  • Protector: 500 JPY
  • Helmet/Boots/Chaps set 1,000 JPY
  • No sandal or high-heeled shoes


  • 入会金:15万円
  • 預託料:どさんこ月6万円、その他の馬 月8万円
  • 調教料:月3万5000円(装蹄代別途)


  • Admission fee: 150,000JPY
  • Boarding fee: Dosanko 60,000/month, other horses 80,000/month
  • Horse training fee: 35,000JPY (excluding horseshoeing)